.para//Bound is a hack of EarthBound that follows three girls and one guy on their journey to save the world and the Internet from corruption. It parallels the story and universe of EarthBound with references to current popular culture and internet memes. Our four heroes set out to clean up the mess being made by Yerix, an internet stabilizer gone haywire. As long as they air their grievences frequently, they should have little to no trouble on their mission.

Latest Version: Kentai v0.3.3 -- Download Now! Changelog can be viewed on this page.

Sigma/Emerald Village Progress
August 31, 2019

I wanted to release a demo yesterday, but there is just so much I need to finish, as far as importing sprites and scripting. So instead, I just recorded a quick playthrough of the Sigma/Emerald Village part. There are some bugs to fix and edits to be made, but hopefully things should be ready "soon".

lol update
April 10, 2019

Holy crap, it's been like over two years since I posted an update here. I'm just writing this post to say this project is still going. You know the drill - procrastination and real life shit. I've been working on this for the past few months, trying to get caught up on things. I'm trying to get into a routine where I work on Parabound more frequently (like every day?) - writing dialogue and importing the sprites that were made like 9 years ago. I'm hoping to get a demo that has Sigma and Weeaboondox done out in the next couple months.

I will be doing a stream very soon showing off what is done so far. There will also be screenshots posted in the next week or so. Keep your eyes peeled (not literally)!

Development Progress?
January 01, 2017

Here's a VOD of the current dev version of .para//Bound: https://www.twitch.tv/icekitsune/v/111460723

There is quite a bit that I need to fix. There was a softlock after beating the police chief, and several dialogue changes that didn't get implemented. So, I couldn't show off the progress of Sigma Town. (Well, I guess I could have used Debug to get there - maybe another stream).