.para//Bound is a hack of EarthBound that follows three girls and one guy on their journey to save the world and the Internet from corruption. It parallels the story and universe of EarthBound with references to current popular culture and internet memes. Our four heroes set out to clean up the mess being made by Yerix, an internet stabilizer gone haywire. As long as they air their grievences frequently, they should have little to no trouble on their mission.

Latest Version: Kentai v0.3.3 -- Download Now! Changelog can be viewed on this page.

another screenshot dump, and update
March 20, 2016

There's been a slight delay due to computer issues, but almost all the sprites are ready to go. We're actually testing Kentai's campaign right now, fixing issues if we find any. Once the last few NPC's are imported, we should be ready to go.

In the meantime, I am working on the next town's script, so hopefully it won't take another six and a half years before we have anything to show.

still importing stuff
November 21, 2015

We've got the majority of the enemy and NPC sprites put in. There are a few more key and non-key NPC's to put in - I wanna say about three or four more.

While I'm waiting for sprites to be produced, I am polishing up the dialogue here and there, as well as working on other things so it won't be another six years before we finish editing Twoson or something.

more screenshots?
November 07, 2015

Sure! Have two!

Other than a few minor details, we are pretty much set for Kentai's script. All that's left are the NPC sprites.

Enemies will display random text upon being encountered or defeated. Examples of that include "got dunked on", "got rekt", "ragequit". Encounters would go something like "<Enemy> blocked the way." or "You confronted the <enemy>." There's even a special one for pokemon "A wild <enemy> appeared!" They sometimes would decide to release themselves even though they are wild, because they just get fed up from the potential abuse they'd receive. Who wouldn't bail when being beat up with a leek?

Oh, and a bonus?

Books added to the library! When I get bored, I decide to add some random stuff. Library books and arcade games are some of them. Others involve looking in windows.

Kentai will be open to the public soon! It took only, what, six years? Gotta love real life and procrastination and demotivation. Woo! But hey, it's getting done, and there's going to be more to come.