About .para//Bound

The Premise

The night before Festivus, a can of spam falls from the sky, much like the meteorite in EarthBound. When our main character Nessa investigates it with her friend Delibird, it is revealed that Yerix, an internet program tasked to keep things stable, had been corrupted. Things from the internet were leaking into the real world. Her mission, whether or not she chooses to accept it, is to join two other girls and one guy to purify the world and to defeat Yerix before it is too late.

About the Project

.para//Bound is an EarthBound hack started by Kitsuria Network members Yerix and Samui in July 2009. The hack was to include references to internet memes, inside jokes from Kitsune Paradise (the community's name at the time), and internet acronym Pokémon. Over the years, this was changed to avoid the overuse of Pokémon.

Real life issues and simple procrastination have hindered progress on the hack for several years. However, even while actual work wasn't getting done, the duo continued to come up with ideas for what to add to the hack. Yerix designed the sprites, and Samui worked on the script.

A very short demo of .para//Bound was released on December 23, 2014, showing off the intro. It wasn't until April 10, 2016 when the entire campaign for the first town was released to the community. More updates are to come, hopefully more frequently than before.