Age: 17
Hometown: Kentai
Likes: Anime, sushi, cats, pocky
Dislikes: Loud people, boring breakfast cereal

Since her father left to hunt for treasure when she was four years old, Nessa was raised by her bitter mother. On the night before Festivus, she learns she has great psychic powers that can be used to save the Internet and the world from Yerix's corruption.


Age: 16
Hometown: Sigma
Likes: Animals, video games, musicals
Dislikes: Festivus, Sonic fandom

Paul is an aspiring actor and singer. He ran away after a bad performance to avoid the traditional Feats of Strength, just to get captured by the Needlemouse Union. After being rescued, he is excused from the Feats of Strength to help Nessa in her quest.


Age: 17
Hometown: Canada
Likes: Sci-fi, technology
Dislikes: Killer robots, spoilers

Daughter of renowned scientist Dr. Cardinal. She attends the Rose Tyler Memorial Academy to hone her skills.


Age: 17
Hometown: The Cloud
Likes: Pink things, anime
Dislikes: Dank memes

The Princess of the Internet, with potental power to cleanse the world from its corruption.