.para//Bound is a hack of EarthBound that follows three girls and one guy on their journey to save the world and the Internet from corruption. It parallels the story and universe of EarthBound with references to current popular culture and internet memes. Our four heroes set out to clean up the mess being made by Yerix, an internet stabilizer gone haywire. As long as they air their grievences frequently, they should have little to no trouble on their mission.

Latest Version: Kentai v0.3.3 -- Download Now! Changelog can be viewed on this page.

June 11, 2015

I still am the worst kind of slacker. I need a crash course in getting things done by Shia LeBouf. But, slowly but surely, things /are/ getting done. I am almost finished writing up the first town's campaign. Just a few scripting things here and there and it should be good to go.

Couple screenshots? Just minor details, but since it's not quite Onett anymore, signs need to be changed. And what the hell, so do doors.

As always, ideas for things to add, like memes, current pop culture and gaming references, and other things are more than welcome in this sticky thread here.

November 27, 2014

Still very slow because I am the worst kind of slacker. I showed off some of the work done so far on a stream two months ago: http://www.twitch.tv/icekitsune/c/5225315

Right now, I'm working on the stuff past the intro and fixing some of the bugs while waiting for NPC and enemy sprites to be completed for the first area. Hoping to have all that done soon.

Also we are still open to any ideas as far as pop culture references from today and the past. You can post any ideas you have in this thread here: https://kitsuria.net/parabound/pb-general-public-brainstorming-topic/

Progress report
March 10, 2014


I'm slowly working on coding the beginning sequence. That is simple enough, it mostly parallels the original, except with different characters. Unlike Pokey, Delibird isn't a total jerkass. Also, there are a few minor things being changed, but it will follow the same formula to an extent.

I'm going to try an make a habit of working on this every night before work, so hopefully more progress will be made a bit faster.